Each Terminal Milwaukee event features not only the captivating stories of Tom Crawford and other community storytellers, but the historical stylings of Mr. John Gurda and his encyclopedic knowledge of our fair city. Next weekend’s event takes place at Sherman Perk Coffee Shop in the Sherman Park neighborhood. Each location in the series has been chosen for its connection to the life of Tom Crawford, the series’ centerpiece. However, through the stories of community members and John Gurda’s historical interludes, we learn all the little reasons each neighborhood is important part of the character of the whole city.

John has offered these tidbits to whet your appetite for more on Sherman Park:
1) The name of an early Sherman Park subdivision hinted at who was moving in: Prussian Heights.
2) The 30th Street rail corridor (Sherman Park’s eastern border) was the home of industrial giants like A.O. Smith, Master Lock, and Evinrude Motors.
3) Washington High School’s alumni include Sen. Herb Kohl, baseball commissioner Bud Selig, and actor Gene Wilder.
4) Sherman Park is the home of the city’s largest Orthodox Jewish community, Beth Jehudah.

Want more? Join us Saturday, Nov. 5th 8 p.m. at Sherman Perk Coffee Shop, 4924 W Roosevelt Drive.