Do you have story that transcends words? Ever been the unwilling victim of a caricature portrait? Tia Chianti Richardson, a community-integrated artist based in Milwaukee, can solve both of those problems. She is a portrait artist, muralist, graphic designer and educator. Tia will live paint your true, personal story into what will no doubt be a beautiful and personal memento or gift. 

Tia Chianti RichardsonTia specializes in using group talking circles to support a space of generous listening to each other’s personal & collective stories. She then embodies the stories in the form of a mural. In her personal work, she uses oil and acrylic to create paintings about nature, Goddess and humanity. Tia is also a live painter for Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company, which uses a form of improv where audience members tell a true life story. They then watch as it’s played back on the spot using a mix of music, improv movement, spoken word and visual art. To view some of Tia’s creative works, visit her website, You can also check her out at

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