Thanks to all who joined us in Hales Corners Park for the first Ex Fabula Guerrilla Story Slam, which took place as part of Strides for Kids, a fundraiser for House of Blue Hope. Blue Hope is a residential and educational facility for children in Tanzania, so the storytelling theme was “The Wisdom of Children”. A small audience gathered on lawn chairs and picnic tables to listen to stories from 11 storytellers: Brian Moore, Megan McGee, Melissa Kingston, Adam Weise, Marilyn Allen, Amy Schleicher, Edith DeBrue, Alison Riedi, James Weise, Leah Delaney, and Matt Sabjlak.

The stories ranged from local (2 nieces get their uncle to let go of sadness and play ‘for real’; a young t-ball player displays a logical approach to running to first base) to international (an orphaned boy in Tanzania overcomes the odds; the locals teach missionary children how to play in Kenya).We also heard several great stories from the perspective of teachers (a child who responds only to ‘Boo-boo’; the joys of substitute teaching; getting locked out of the building). We’ll have event photos up within a few days, so check back soon!

Within a few weeks, we’ll post details of the next Guerrilla Story Slam as well, so stay tuned!