Here it is, our last secret! (For now.) As many of you know, this Saturday, January 28th, Ex Fabula travels to Alverno’s Pitman Theatre for the New Year Spectacular with the theme “Our Little Secret.” Unlike our monthly Slams, this special event features 10-minute curated stories and is an afternoon (yep, a 3 pm show) not to be missed.

We’ve built the anticipation as high as possible, so let’s meet the last three Spectacular Storytellers!

Peck on stage at the Perfect Storm StorySlam on December 14, 2016.

Magda Peck first took to an Ex Fabula stage at a Secret Fabula event in March 26. We asked Magda a few questions and had no idea what we’d uncover.

Have you done Storytelling or public speaking before?

I’ve never told actual, personal stories where I was timed before. I’m a novice and I find the anonymity of the StorySlams refreshing. No one knew who I was. In my professional life, I’m “Dr. Peck” and used to giving presentations and paid speeches to crowds of thousands on topics I’m a leader in. But I love that there are no bios. I’m just one of the audience.

Why do you think Storytelling is important?

Oh, it’s so very important. Stories are the anecdote to fear and the catalyst that ignites connection.

What’s something we wouldn’t know about you?

Well, I had to call you back because I was just coming in from the Women’s March in Madison. It was an amazing event. I remember the Civil Rights Movement and I felt a lot of the energy and momentum. In fact, I spoke at the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration (at MLK Library, as part of an event featuring Season 8 Fellows) and shared how my parents dragged 9-year-old-me to the 1963 March on Washington. I was there for the “I Have a Dream” speech.

We look forward to hearing the secrets that Magda has in store for us this Saturday.


Luanne for the win!

Our second Storyteller is Disabilities Advocate Luanne McGregor. Luanne entertained and motivated the audience at 2015s “Easy Access” summer Storytelling event. She gave the crowd a kick with her narrative of never settling and being a supportive vessel for those in need. We look forward to her “Little Secret.”


Last, but certainly not least, is a Storytelling Duo who stole our hearts at November’s “It’s Complicated” StorySlam. On Saturday, Amie Losi and Tom Wilke will perform a “Terkel” (interview format).

Tom, you and Amie performed a Terkel at in November. Were you excited to get on stage or did Amie have to talk you into it?

Of course I loved being on stage. I was in plays and I used to play the viola. When I told the story with Amie I got to take two bows and people were giving me high fives. I loved it.

Amie, how did you and Tom meet? 

Amie and Tom share a “Terkel” format story. Photo by Art Montes.

Tom and I met last year. I was working for a home health care company and they asked me if I’d like to drive a man to the gym twice a week. I said yes and instead of just driving him to the gym, we became friends.

Why do you feel Storytelling is important?

Amie: I love the cathartic feeling of sharing something with a crowd of people you’ve never met and having them listen.

Tom: It’s important to tell people about your life ’cause all people are different.

 Who’s your favorite Superhero and Why?

Amie: I loved the graphic novel The Walking Dead and although he’s not a superhero I suppose Rick. I’m also partial to Loki, but that’s because it’s Tom Hiddleston. (This blogger agrees!)

Tom: Hank the Brewers Mascot and Brett Favre.


Well folks, we really do have one Spectacular line up. We can’t wait for them to share their secrets with you. Don’t have tickets? Head on over to for yours today.