It’s flannel season that can only mean one thing, it’s time to get cozy and gather round the virtual bonfire to share some stories! Ex Fabula and Sculpture Milwaukee invite you to join us this Fall for art inspired storytelling workshops. Continue to explore MKE’s art landscape safely while staying connected virtually. Here’s how:

  • Join us at 1 or all of our pay-what-you-can virtual storytelling workshops and share your art inspired story! (valued at $45)
  • Can’t join us at our virtual workshops? That’s ok! Snap a selfie with your favorite sculpture and share your story in the caption on social media. Make sure to tag Ex Fabula and Sculpture Milwaukee and use the hashtag #sculpturestoriesmke for a chance to win up a total of $150 cash prizes!


  • Saturday, October 3rd, 1pm-3pm via ZOOM Register HERE
  • Thursday, October 22nd, 6pm-8pm via ZOOM Register HERE
  • Sunday, November 8th, 1pm-3pm via ZOOM Register HERE

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white woman upside down, wearing a red top and blue jeans, leaning against a brown sculpture.

“The back of this faux historical marker reminded me of when I was 11-ish, being at the Catholic Church after helping out with childcare during mass.  The church was basically empty, and the wide open aisle inspired me to do a cartwheel! Unfortunately, some adult thought that was completely inappropriate, despite my claims that God would appreciate it. Who decides what’s normal in a church anyway, I wondered.” -Megan McGee