The Vogel Mansion, also known as Greengate

Mea Fabula Profile: Andy Nunemaker & The Vogel Mansion

The Vogel Mansion, also known as Greengate, has been host to several local fundraising events and tonight welcomes Ex Fabula’s Mea Fabula. This breathtakingly stunning residence, built in 1904, boasts a pool, a gym, a coach house, a fully operational Schlitz bar, ample parking, plenty of bedrooms & bathrooms and a stunning kitchen. The mansion has had some updates since originally constructed and is currently on the market. Continue reading “Mea Fabula Profile: Andy Nunemaker & The Vogel Mansion”

Tia Chianti Richardson

Mea Fabula Artist Profile: Tia Chianti Richardson

Do you have story that transcends words? Ever been the unwilling victim of a caricature portrait? Tia Chianti Richardson, a community-integrated artist based in Milwaukee, can solve both of those problems. She is a portrait artist, muralist, graphic designer and educator. Tia will live paint your true, personal story into what will no doubt be a beautiful and personal memento or gift. Continue reading “Mea Fabula Artist Profile: Tia Chianti Richardson”

Mea Fabula Artists Profile: broadminded comedy

Photo Credit: Kat Schleicher

Ever wanted to experience something before it happens? Or maybe relive a moment in time, with a more hilarious, less embarrassing ending? The ladies of broadminded comedy, Milwaukee’s premier (and only) all-female sketch comedy group can make that a reality! The broads (Stacy Babl, Anne Graff LaDisa, Melissa Kingston and Megan McGee) will transform your true, personal story into comedy gold! You are more than welcome to record the chicas as they are replaying your story, which you can and should share with family, friends and perhaps the occasional stranger. Continue reading “Mea Fabula Artists Profile: broadminded comedy”

Ben Merens

Mea Fabula Artist Profile : Ben Merens

Do you have the music in you? Have you ever found yourself walking down the street, wishing everyone can hear the theme music in your head? Now you can! He can do it! As an improvisational singer/songwriter, Ben Merens transforms your personal tale into song, singing for you immediately after hearing you share your story. For the past three years, Ben can be found performing his craft professionally on the first Saturday of each month at Pop More Corks in Lake Geneva. Continue reading “Mea Fabula Artist Profile : Ben Merens”

Anja Notanja Sieger

Mea Fabula Artist Profile: Anja Notanja Sieger

Anja Notanja Sieger is the founder of “La Prosette,” a one-woman typewriter performance writing service.  “La Prosette” has been featured on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today Online, MSN Hotmail News and Yahoo News.  You tell Anja your personal story and she can convert it into a typed response poem. Continue reading “Mea Fabula Artist Profile: Anja Notanja Sieger”