Mmmm, hay rides and sweater weather! Only one more week before Season Six kicks into full swing! It’s Throwback Thursday: The Photo Edition.

You know the saying; a picture is worth a thousand words? Still curious as to what Ex Fabula is about or how it all got going? These gems will take you back to Ex Fabula humble story slam Beginnings (ha!), give you a sneak peak at our workshops & community outreach and show you that volunteering is a blast! 

Our fearless leader Megan.

Our fearless leader! Taking charge from day one! Photo by Cynthia Akey


Halfmann siblings, who went on to win our first ALL STARS event in 2010. Memories. Photo by Kat Schleicher.


Season 2: March 2011 at Stonefly. Photo by Kat Schleicher.


2009-2010 Season May 14 2010 Epic Fail. Photo by Kat Schleicher.


JMKAC 2012: Summer residency at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, WI. Photo by Kat Schleicher.


John Gurda sharing historical vignettes as part of the Terminal Milwaukee project. This was from a pre-slam event at Groppi’s Food Mkt in July 2011. Photo by Kat Schleicher.


Season 3: Stonefly again for ‘Close Call’ stories in November 2011. Photo by Art Montes.


The JMKAC residency… in Spanish! Photo by Kat Schleicher.


Season 4: storyteller signup at the Times Cinema for ‘Do Over’ event in January 2013.


Season 5: October 2013, lobby of the Times Cinema prior to our ‘Trust Me’ event.


Karen Kolberg & workshop participant in spring 2014. Nervous about storytelling? Register for one of our workshops!


More workshop photos snapped by Megan.


Story circle at the end of the workshop!


April 2 2014, Fool Proof at Hot Water Wherehouse. Photo by Art Montes.


Volunteers celebrating Season 5 at Koz’s Mini Bowl. Photo by Mady Collins.


Striiiike! Ex Fabula volunteers having fun! Did you know Ex Fabula is a volunteer based organization? Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact us! Photo by Mady Collins.


Claire and Shelly, rehearsing stories for the Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation’s fundraiser, summer 2014. Snapshot taken by Megan, who was their storytelling coach.