You’ve attended the StorySlams and thought, “I can do that.”, but you’re nervous about how your tale will come across; secretly scared of the stage. Perhaps you’ve graced the stage on a previous occasion but felt like you could still grow as a storyteller? Company event and you are the featured speaker? Ex Fabula has a workshop for that! Ex Fabula Storytelling Workshops can assist you in finding and crafting your story. Workshops are available both publicly and privately. Storytellers are offered supportive guidance and feedback from experienced coaches and peers.

Kevin Barry

Kevin shares a story at Secret Fabula: Brass Rooster and the Hen House

Past attendee Kevin Barry explains, “I wanted to work on how to build a good flow and pace by editing my story. Often I’d find myself over-explaining; it was much longer than the 5 minutes that you’re allowed. Since then, I can create a brief core story that I can polish and expand upon, rather than having a lot of content that I have to struggle to cut out. The workshop was well structured and very informative. I would definitely recommend them if someone wanted to learn how to structure a story or if they need a gentle push to tell their first story.” His advice for future storytellers? “If you are unsure about speaking, do it. To get to where you are in life, you’ve had countless experiences that shaped you that no others have had: the people who go to Ex Fabula StorySlams want to hear about them.”

Ex Fabula Storytelling Workshop participants include both people who can’t get enough of the Ex Fabula stage and those who would never dream of getting up there and just want to share stories in an intimate setting. “I met some great story tellers at the workshop,” Kevin stated. “Since then I’ve seen some of them onstage, telling great stories.” So, not only do you learn storytelling techniques, you also have the chance to meet new people and discover each other’s personal experiences.  Win, win.

Interested in attending one of our fine workshops? You’re in luck! Ex Fabula has partnered with Artists Working in Education located at 4315 West Vliet Street, for our next public storytelling workshop thisSaturday February 7, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. The cost is $60. Members are afforded free or discounted workshops! For additional information regarding workshops and coaches, click the “Trainings” tab.