In celebration of World Storytelling Day 2022, and Ex Fabula’s work to connect Milwaukee through real stories, an anonymous donor has given us a matching challenge!

All contributions (donations, member renewals, etc) will be matched – and new contributors will be matched twice, up to $10,000!

This is the perfect time to triple your impact by donating or becoming an Ex Fabula member.

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Contribute a story:

In celebration of World Storytelling Day on Mar 20th and to mark the start of Ex Fabula’s spring fundraising drive, we’d like to invite you to help us explore the importance of stories in our lives by joining us in sharing a real story about a story experience that moved you. Here are the guidelines:


We are looking for your personal story about one of the following:

  • An experience you had at Ex Fabula.
  • A time when hearing or telling a story affected your life’s path.
  • A time you learned something or felt less alone when listening to a story.


We hope you will share this story either by posting it to your own social media or by sending it to us to share on our platforms.


If you are sharing the content via your social media accounts, make sure the following appear in the text of your post wherever possible:

  1. Tag us: @exfabula
  2. Include this Link:
  3. Include the hashtag #TellYourStoryMKE *somewhere* in writing. Preferably the body or tail of your post’s description.
  4. Feel free to also use #WorldStorytellingDay and #ExFabulaMKE as you see fit.

You can post it yourself, or send it to us and we will share it through our accounts.

Select your format below for further instructions: