Have you got an awesome “Neighbors” story that you experienced with someone else? Of course you do!

Want to get on stage and share it with the world?

We are looking for 2-person stories on the theme “Neighbors”.

2 person storytelling formats include:

The Duo – Two storytellers tell a story together about a shared experience, up to 10 minutes.

The Rashomon – Two storytellers each tell a 5 minute story from their individual perspectives, one after the other for a total of 10 minutes.

The Terkel – One person interviews a person they know about an experience they had related to the theme – up to 10 minutes.

or YOUR NEW FORMAT HERE! – up to 10 minutes – pitch us your suggestion and maybe you’ll be the inventor of the newest Ex Fabula storytelling format.

Here’s some inspiration from some of my colorful neighbors over the years:

– The fundamentalist Christian neighbors who had a family hoedown on the hardwood floor above me every night at 7 pm complete with banjo and also taught me how to make curry.

– The story of how our neighbor Justin became instantly one of our dear friends after moving into our building joining us for our cookout that same night.

– A story of a certain nameless North Woods neighbor who thinks he can weld wherever he damn pleases and has an authentic Russian bride.

Got a better story than that?

Prove it!

Email me at Amy(at)ExFabula.com and give me your pitch. You could be rewarded with a guaranteed storytelling slot for that night and all the glory and catharsis that getting it off your chest offers in front of the our supportive audience offers.

If you have a one person Solo to tell, we’ll put your name in the hat to be randomly drawn from all interested Solo storytellers.

Yours truly,

Ex Fabula