2017 ended with Ex Fabula tellers sharing their traditions. Ex Fabula will start 2018 by celebrating the bad habits, relationships, mindsets we broke free of. 

Let’s meet the brave tellers who will share their “Break Free” stories on Turner Hall’s Stage on Thursday, January 18, 2018.


Telice Gillom colored photo

T. Gillom 

Growing up with her great-grandparents, T. Gillom learned the art of storytelling early. She now uses stories as a way to get to know people. She’s always surprised to find commonalities with people through storytelling. While she’s been a resident of WI for 9 years, there’s one thing she has yet to do. Try a cheese curd.


Color photo of Dan Lococo

Dan Lococo 

Dan Lococo is drawn to data and logistics. He also loves meaningful imagery in well told stories. As a facilitator through Servant Leader Milwaukee, he enjoys facilitating great conversations. Dan says, “I enjoy the opportunity to share myself through experiences that illuminate a view of the world that someone may have not thought of before. “ For him, the coolest part about storytelling is when someone  shares something about themselves as a result of hearing his story.


Photo of Bradley Gassel

Bradley Gassel

Bradley Gassel has a wandering spirit that seems to attract stories, like the one he’ll be telling at NYE Spectacular. After a cancer diagnosis in 2016, Brad started working on his bucket list. That meant take the leap to performing, or in this case… live storytelling. For the self-described introvert, it’s been a challenge but he loves telling stories.


Photo of Ex Fabula fellow Monica Thomas

Monica Thomas

Monica Thomas is into correspondence arts (think postcards and long handwritten letters) and blogging about her dreams. She loves connecting with people through storytelling, especially during Wisconsin’s frigid winters. As much as she enjoys telling stories, she also loves listening to stories. “Listening to others (stories) never fails to restore my faith in humanity.”


Facebook photo of Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell is a proud husband and father of 5 sons. Storytelling started off a way to impress his wife and has now become his addiction. For him, it’s become a meaningful way of self-expression. Best advice he’s gotten? Always speak from personal experiences and you will never run out of stories to tell.


Photo of Jeanette Mitchell

Jeanette Mitchell

Jeanette Mitchell is new to storytelling. She’s a mother of 3 daughters, grandmother to a grandson. She’s also founder of  African American Leadership Program. It’s through this lens that she’s found the beauty sharing stories through conversing. “Early on I was ashamed to share the stories. I now know that those events shaped my life as a Black woman and successful leader in our community.”


Come celebrate our tellers “Break Free” moments and perhaps share one of your own through UltraShorts. Show starts at 7:30pm, Thursday January 18, 2018 at Turner Hall. Members reserve your ticket HERE. General admission tickets available HERE.