There’s no easy way to say it…

I’m leaving Ex Fabula to work for Imagine MKE as their Director of Artist Support and Neighborhood Outreach.

It’s wild. As I produced our most recent StorySlam (Reunion at The Cooperage), I wanted to absorb every detail. That slam was full circle for me. My first official StorySlam in Season 9 was at Hot Water Wherehouse (now The Cooperage).

I remember meeting all of you for the first time. Feeling overwhelmed and terrified. I also wanted to look competent even though I’d had nightmares about things going horribly wrong. They didn’t. Things went really well. And, y’all welcomed me in with open arms.

I’ll be honest, in my wildest dream, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to interview for a job like the one at Imagine MKE. I felt the same way for Ex Fabula when they hired me.

I’ve grown so much. Honestly, without this job… I don’t know that I’d be fully prepared for Imagine MKE. I appreciate Megan’s commitment to hiring me and intentionally not asking for a college degree for this job. She gave me a chance and I believe I rose to the occasion. This was a space where I could speak through the lens of being a Black African American woman. And, that means everything to me.

My proudest moment? Our Deaf StorySlam stands out, likely because it’s the most recent. I led the meetings and our last one? I slayed it. I arrived super prepared. We ended on time and I knew it was because I guided us properly. Working with the Deaf community, there’s so many things I take for granted as a hearing person. Like, Deaf people need both hands to sign. It hit me days before the slam that our emcees (Mayra and Jose) wouldn’t be able to hold the script AND sign. Frankly, none of us had thought of it prior to that moment. My work as a project manager got better over the past 3 seasons. I had the space to make mistakes and improve.

All in all, I’ve become a more intentional and empathetic leader. I’ve become a more effective communicator. I’m more empowered than ever to push for equity as a Black African American woman.

While I’m excited about this new Director role at Imagine MKE, my heart is sad because I’m leaving Megan and my homegirl Nicole. Gosh, the belly laughs and tears. We can laugh loudly for hours. I’ll miss seeing Nicole flip her ponytail around. This is bittersweet. I’m excited for the continued work I’m doing to advocate for creatives in Milwaukee.

To every venue, community partner, board member, volunteer, our amazing sound people, our former allies (Carolina and Sam), Ex Fabula members and all the community members who attend our events.

Thank you. It’s been an honor serving as Ex Fabula’s first Event Producer. Working with y’all made my job so much easier. Your kindness and trust in me empowered me to show up and be my best daily.

And thank you Megan. For believing in me and giving me the space to make this position my own. Forever grateful.

With love forever & always


PS: This also means there is an Event Producer position open at one of the best places to work in Milwaukee. Go apply, share with folks who are qualified, and if you want to hear more about my experience with the position, reach out!