It’s 3:29pm. We’re 60 seconds away from being live. The script has been rehearsed and the sound engineer has checked all the audio. The theme music cues and I’m dancing. My brain starts to wander… “did I lock my front door?” “What should I cook for dinner tonight?” “I think my sister stole my aloe vera ge-“ Hello Hello! Welcome to Ex Fabula radio, my name is Michaela Michaela! Now nothing that was going on in my head matters.

Just like that, I am adrift into another world. This world is a manifestation of dreams I had when I was a little girl. The magic of hosting Ex Fabula radio is remembering being 9 years old, watching my grandmother in the studio wishing desperately that I could do it too. Now, every Sunday at 4:00pm, my grandmother calls me on the phone to tell me how much she enjoyed my show. It is truly an honor to be able to have this experience.

I want everyone in the Milwaukee community to be a part of the experience too. Ex Fabula has established a partnership with Riverwest radio that allows us to bring storytelling you in a completely new way.  Join myself, Nicole Acosta and some other Ex Fabula volunteers LIVE every Sunday at 104.1 FM radio from 3:30-4pm. Every week we share stories, commentary and UltraShorts from our Season StorySlams and special events. Catch up with all the latest projects and be the first to know about all our upcoming events and incentives. You’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time. Who knows? You may even hear your story on the radio.