An Interview with Clayborn Benson

At the intersection of 27th & Center, there’s a historian who is generations in the making.

“My name is Clayborn Benson III. I’m proud of my name, I work hard to make sure I’m not called Clay. I am Clayborn.”Continue reading “An Interview with Clayborn Benson”

StorySlam: “Beginner’s Luck” Recap

“Beginner’s Luck” can be a tough to tackle theme. Luckily we had a number of creative storytellers at Mr. J’s Lounge last week who found ways to tell stories about unlucky beginnings, misleading initial luck, and beginner’s luck that hasn’t yet stopped. Check out how lucky (or unlucky) your fellow Milwaukeeans are below!Continue reading “StorySlam: “Beginner’s Luck” Recap”

StorySlam: “Caught in the Act” Recap

In front of a sold out crowd at Kochanski’s Concertina Bar, we heard nine stories about being caught in a variation of acts. From school principals catching mistakes in their budgets- to ministers in strip clubs, we heard it all. Check out all the ways our tellers were “Caught in the Act” below!

Continue reading “StorySlam: “Caught in the Act” Recap”

StorySlam: Crush Recap

Crush can refer to many things. With over 100 people in attendance at our recent “Crush” StorySlam hosted at Best Place, our tellers demonstrated the multitude of ways our theme could be interpreted. We heard a variety of stories having to do with old ‘crushes’, but also accidents, misunderstandings, and schoolyard revenge.Continue reading “StorySlam: Crush Recap”