Summer is almost over and a new (Ex Fabula) season is fast approaching! Get your nose out of those books and smart phones and experience the magic of story time anew.

Did you know that Ex Fabula has a radio show? Leah Delaney fills us in on the partnership between Ex Fabula & WUWM, the upcoming sixth  season and how you can stay connected with Ex Fabula. 

KMO: What is your role with Ex Fabula?

LD: I am a co-founder, vice-president of the Board, emcee and radio host.

KMO: Where do you see Ex Fabula in 5 years?

LD: In the next five years, Ex Fabula will have infiltrated so many more communities in Milwaukee and hopefully become a household name.

KMO: In your opinion, what are the key components to a great story?

LD: Aside from the bare-bones of having a great first line, a moment of reflection and a great ending, the best stories are the most honest ones. There’s a fine line of making sure that your story has structure but not so structured that it starts sounding…..structured and produced. Some of the best stories I have ever seen are people who get lost for a second or stutter on an emotion.

KMO: Have you ever shared a story?

LD: Yes! A couple times. One of which was the story I told about being a tour-guide on the Milwaukee Ducks, the day the duck sank in Lake Michigan.

KMO: How did it go?

LD: I thought, “it’s a great story but it needs to be funnier.” There are many ways to prepare oneself to tell a story but when you write out one-liners in the story and regurgitate them verbatim, it’s just not going to go as planned. I learned the hard way. The story is great. I should’ve just let it tell itself.

KMO: So, Ex Fabula started doing weekly radio segments on WUWM. How did that come about?

Leah Delaney and Bruce WinterLD: WUWM 89.7 and Ex Fabula have been working together to air Ex Fabula stories off and on for a few years. Earlier this summer, Bruce Winter and I contacted each other, almost at the same time, and we both were hoping to air stories more regularly. Bruce had a new program, WUWM@Nite, which airs 9pm to 12am during the week, so it was the perfect fit for Ex Fabula. We now co-host Ex Fabula Radio, which allows us to feature a few Milwaukee stories each week.

KMO: When can people catch the shows?

LD: Tune in to WUWM 89.7 every Wednesday at 9pm. If you miss a show or want to hear it again, you can stream previous radio segments from

KMO: What can you tell me about the upcoming season?

LD: Sixth Season!! We have an exciting season filled with more story slams, different themes, new and improved membership benefits and workshops. You might have *that* story and never had *that* theme to tell it at. This is your chance.

KMO: How can someone learn more about and get involved with Ex Fabula?

LD: You mean besides the mind-altering radio show that Bruce Winter and I co-host? Why, through the Information Superhighway, of course! Go to, find us on Facebook and Twitter, and definitely definitely sign up for our newsletter.

KMO: UltraShort time. Theme: Summer. Go!

LD: Summer evening in 8th grade. Hanging out in Sheridan Park on the swings. Holding hands with Benji and feeling electricity for the first time.