It’s those long drives with good friends that start great memories and even better stories. Road trips are some of our best memories and stories to tell, and the most interesting to listen to. Join us on October 19, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. to hear the best road trip stories, but in the meantime, see what they have to say here.

Mark Steidl, Road Trip Philosopher

Road trips are one step closer to finding our destination or ourselves. Mark Steidl says,“A road trip is a shared experience, from the preparations, to the journey, to the destination, and the return. Any shared experience gives us a shared story, and a shared identity. That shared identity, or community, extends beyond the individuals who experienced the event, to those who experienced similar aspects of the trip, like the same destination, or similar trials on the journey.”


Peter Woods, Awesome Musician

Road trips are how Peter Woods has formed a community around his music. “I find and create my music family by touring and they do the same. I’ve found some of my very best friends on these road trips.” Every time he tours, he finds his voice in a small (or sometimes big) way. Each new tour serves as new inspiration.


Always have an escape plan. That’s Mia Noel’s advice for your next road trip. Oh, and follow your instincts. “Road trips can make or break friendships and reveal surprising attributes,” she says about getting to know yourself and your travel buddies during the long ride so make sure you choose good people to spend your time with.

Mia Noel, (Road Trip) Escape Artist


No reservations, no itinerary is Brooke Maroldi’s best advice for you. Even when she does plan a trip like a military operation, it tends to fall apart anyway causing her to wing it. Road trips have served as epiphanies with her and her husband. The car rides help shed light on where they are individually and as a couple. Come see her share her story about living in Wisconsin during this current political dichotomy.


Brooke Maroldi, The Master of Winging It

Always check your tires before you leave. Desarae Constantineau couldn’t have better advice to give. “A vehicle can start to feel like a safe little bubble and when you share that space for a long time, you begin to talk about things you wouldn’t normally talk about.” So take that time in the car ride to really build upon your relationship with your copilot. Don’t forget about the locals, either. “When you stop somewhere unfamiliar and you make an effort to talk to the locals, you become a part of their community, if only temporary.”

Desarae, Extraordinaire Ex Fabulite






Don’t forget to hear the rest of their stories at the October 19th StorySlam: On The Road with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at the Milwaukee County Historical Society at 7:30 p.m. The rest of our Season 9 StorySlams and Workshops can be found here.