Given our affinity for storytelling, you have probably guessed that we’re pretty into books too.  Therefore, we are super excited to share with you that we have been invited to host an event at the Wisconsin Book Festival as a part of the “Voices out Loud” programming at the fest.  The Wisconsin Book Festival is presented by our gracious friends and Terminal Milwaukee sponsors at the Wisconsin Humanities Council.  The festivities begin on Wednesday, October 19 and run through Sunday, October 23 in Madison, WI, so if you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.

Ex Fabula will be presenting our storytelling chops on Thursday, October 20, at The Brink Lounge in Madison. The event begins at 9pm with the bookish theme of “Finding Voice.”

As to not upset any of our author friends with some lazy paraphrasing, here is what the Book Festival website has to say about it (verbatim):

First person, live and direct from the source: listen to and share stories of FINDING VOICE at the Ex Fabula interactive storytelling event. From taking a stand to speaking your mind to realizing maybe you see the world just a little differently than your parents, everyone has had a moment of finding one’s own voice in some aspect of life. This year’s festival offers the chance to share voices out loud and in person through Milwaukee’s own story slam organization Ex Fabula. The event features true, personal storytelling at the Brink Lounge on Thursday Oct 20 starting at 9:00 pm. There will be a slate of featured storytellers and a few slots available for randomly selected audience volunteers to share a five-minute long story that relates to the theme of “FINDING VOICE”. The audience will vote for their favorite story of the event at the end of the night. Arrive by 8:45 pm if you want to put your name in for the chance to tell a story. Stories must be true, personal and told without notes. More information on Ex Fabula storytelling guidelines is available at

It’s a bit of a trek from our usual stomping grounds, but we’re sure it will be a great time. We would be delighted to see you there.