With a new season well underway, it’s a great time to become an Ex Fabula member.  I recently talked with member Lee Ann Kingston to learn more about her and her Ex Fabula experiences. She’s a retired public school teacher, a mother of three, and a grandmother to five grandsons and a granddaughter.

Lee Ann and husband Bill Kingston laughing

Lee Ann and her husband Bill at the “Hats” Slam held at The Brass Rooster 1.25.2015

Lee Ann has a passion for teaching, learning, and helping children to become active learners. After 11 years teaching 4 year olds in community preschools and 25 years in public schools, primarily teaching first grade, she “misses it terribly” but keeps very busy by being involved in voter registration and volunteering in schools. She’s also an usher at the Skylight and Chamber theaters and loves attending various creative events – from live theatre, to music to dance.

“Storytelling in all forms intrigues me which is why I so enjoy my daughter’s sketch comedy group, Broadminded. Through that, I heard about Ex Fabula. My husband and I went to a StorySlam and we loved the format.” Soon after attending that event, Lee Ann and her husband Bill decided to support Ex Fabula as members. “We want to help the group be self-sustaining,” she said.

Lee Ann and Bill have since attended a wide variety of events, including many Secret Fabula events and the first English <> Spanish bilingual StorySlam in the US, which took place in March 2016. In fact, Bill even got on stage at the Times Cinema in November 2015, to share a story about growing up in small town Wisconsin. Reflecting on these events, Lee Ann says “Ex Fabula creates community and appreciation for other people and their unique stories. It provides hope in this time of polarization and distress.” Given the current election season, we couldn’t agree more.

Thanks Lee Ann! Ex Fabula appreciates all of its members and sponsors for their continued support. To learn more about how you can support Ex Fabula and get great benefits as a member, please click here .