A young Black woman with hoop earrings, a head wrap, and a black Bob Marley t-shirt holds a microophone.

We at Ex Fabula have had an awesome year with Sam Woods, our Season 10 Community Connector through Public Allies, an Americorps program. Sam has done an amazing job working with our volunteers and analyzing data in hopes to bring Ex Fabula to higher levels. We bid you a bittersweet sayonara as you go about your ventures in the world. We know that you will remain a part of the Ex Fabula family for all the years to go. Enter Michaela Lacy, our new Public Ally!

Hello All!

Hello Ex Fabula! I am Michaela Lacy, and I can’t wait to be of service to this awesome and vital program. I believe that Ex Fabula sends an important message and I am so humbled to be able to be associated with a program that extends such a necessary platform in our community. My goal for this year is to help more people in my community become aware of programs like this. I become familiar with Public Allies Milwaukee back in 2017 through a friend of mine by the name of Edward Wingard. I was told that Public Allies would be perfect for my interest in social justice-based work. It wasn’t until September of 2019 that I decided to dedicate myself to this program, where I was instantly paired with Ex Fabula, the job of my dreams.

Dream Occupation

Since the age of 11, I have been heavily involved in non-profit work and community collaboration. My introduction to community activism was through a nonprofit called Project Ujima, and I have been in love with this field of work ever since. I have been involved in many nonprofits since then, including Still Waters Collective, Arts at Large, City Year and Brentwood Health Organization. Through these platforms I have been able to contribute to my community by organizing protests, speaking on panels and performing Spoken Word and Poetry. Ex Fabula allows me to combine my love for both Art, and Activism and be of service in both capacities. I was drawn to Ex Fabula simply by hearing their objective alone, and now that I have gotten an understanding of what we do, I am deeply connected to it. I hope to exceed the expectations of my position and do this program complete justice in my year or years as a Community Connector.

About Me

            In my personal time, my favorite activities are writing works of literature (Poetry, Stories, Prose) Blogging and article writing, podcasting, cracking open a good book and binge- watching Netflix. I love to cook and try new recipes. I am the Founder of my own brand called Black Wounds And Aloe Vera, which is currently a blog page but will eventually be a media communications platform for writers and journalists to speak about issues in communities of color.

3 Facts about Michaela

  1. I am a huge Beyonce fan
  2. I eat ALL my pizzas with Doritos
  3. I have seen every episode and blooper of Friends.

Looking Forward:

I look forward to collaborating and connecting with all of you and listening to the stories you have to tell! Peace and Love!