We’re prepping for a new season and we need YOU to help pick us themes for Season 10 StorySlams.

The following list was generated by the Slam Lords (a.k.a. Programming Team), a group of volunteers who plan our monthly Slams. They selected these from a master list of themes suggested by audience members. Now, we’d like to hear what you think so please vote!

As you review, ask yourself: Can I come up with at least one true story from my life related to this theme? We want themes that are broad enough to allow for a variety of narratives and emotions yet specific enough to inspire lots of stories. Yep, it’s a tough balance!

Once voting closes, we’ll use as many of the top rated themes as we can. Last year, we managed to use 7 of them! The others were selected in conjunction with Event Partners, so in the end, all the themes come from the community.

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Note: this poll only allows 1 vote per ip address, so if the poll isn’t working for you, that’s probably why. Try voting from another computer or device – and if that’s not possible, contact us and we’ll figure something out. 

Have a theme that you’d like us to add to the master list? Use this form to submit it!



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