Salutations Ex Fabula Community! 

It is I, Ramone Sanders, the latest addition to the Ex Fabula family. I will be filling the role of part time Community Connector and working with the magnificent Megan McGee. I am very excited to be a part of this community and look forward to the continued growth of this most necessary organization. 

Community Connector (Ramone S.)

Community Connector (Ramone S.)

I’ve always been a pretty confident informal story teller; jokes, night recaps, personal experiences, impromptu speeches, and campus tours never really made me uncomfortable. It wasn’t until I attended my very first Ex Fabula StorySlam that feelings of doubt, nervousness, or uncomfortability crept up in my mind. Initially I couldn’t fathom stepping upon that glorious stage to share any of my experiences.

As the night continued I was able to step away from the will call table. Free from my duties, I began to gain perspective and was able to draw courage from my first time experience at Ex Fabula. Listening to the stories and witnessing first timers deliver with such confidence and poise was magical. The community’s respect for one another and the space was both comforting and inspirational.

I like to think of myself as a Midwestern fella, but the truth is I was born in Mississippi, partially raised in Indiana, and have been a Wisconsin resident since 1999 (7th grade). I have three brothers; one older than myself and two younger rascals. I’m a Nicolet High School Alum and attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. “Pointers for Life”! I enjoy long walks on the beach and I’m always searching for Ms. Right. “whoops” wrong website!

All in all, I am very excited to be a part of Ex Fabula and look forward to building community through storytelling with all you beautiful Milwaukeeans!

Community Connector

Ramone S.