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Lynn Celek is a student and teacher of Iyengar Yoga at Riverwest Yogashala, a non-profit studio in Milwaukee. As a long time listener of The Moth, Lynn was overjoyed when she heard a replay of last year’s December Spectacular on the radio, learning of Ex Fabula for the first time. She came to her first live story-telling event in January of 2011, and deemed it the best $5 she ever spent! The following month she told her first story on stage for February’s “Valentine’s/Anti-Valentine’s” theme. There she shared her experience of finding herself alone on Valentine’s Day in a male gay bar in Portugal.  Despite feeling a first-timer’s nervousness, she had fun and is now back to tell us a story for this year’s “Family Ties” December Spectacular. While she loves all members of her family dearly, she would especially like to thank her father for unknowingly providing her with story-worthy material.