Hey Story Fans! We know you can hardly wait for next week’s Spectacular, so to pass the time we’re going to be giving you the inside scoop on each of our 7 featured storytellers. Stay tuned to our blog and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) up until the show to get to know each storyteller a little better, and get even more excited to hear them LIVE next Thursday!

To kick it off, let’s meet Ms. Andrea Hoeschen

Andrea F. Hoeschen is many things; she’s a personal trainer and owner of Starting Line Athletics, an attorney with a focus in recreational sports and a recreational sports enthusiast. Her two favorite sports are trail running and cross-country skiing. She is married and has two boys, two cats and a dog. Andrea believes that the face-to-face connection still exists in this social media age and not everyone is too busy playing on their smartphones for human interaction. Her active involvement with Ex Fabula is a “big ol’ implicit middle finger” to those naysayers and an action to reinforce that belief.

You tell ‘em! Don’t miss Andrea’s “Bad Company” story next Thursday, December 19th at Turner Hall. Check out our Facebook page for a chance to win FREE tickets!