The weather outside is frightful, but our Spectacular Storytellers are going to be delightful! Come see them Thursday night, and in the meantime, meet #6: Deserae Constantineau

Deserae is a 39-year-old Bay View native with an unnatural obsession with books, Castle reruns and karaoke. With a Bachelor degree in English, Deserae has spent the last fifteen years in non-profit fundraising, marketing and community relations both professionally and as a volunteer. She’s also a freelance writer, most recently published in Women Magazine, and a regular at Poet’s Monday in Riverwest. Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) at age eight, Deserae is a leader in the national Rheumatoid Arthritis community as a disability rights activist, a government advocate for arthritis/autoimmune disease legislation, a national public speaker and the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Arthritis Introspective, a national non-profit dedicated to uniting those living with arthritis & related autoimmune diseases in the prime of life. When not working, Deserae spends her time spooning with her cat, Maya Antoinette Skywalker and admits to existing on candy corn the majority of October.