To help you get over the hump on this chilly Wednesday, we have another Spectacular storyteller to introduce. Meet Mr. Michael Heider

Michael is total Milwaukee. He went to Rufus King High School where he barely graduated. He worked dead-end blue collar jobs until the siren song of his generation sang: off to San Francisco for a year of pioneering research in Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll. Returning to Milwaukee with some brain cells left, he picked up more dead end jobs. Then, in the same month, he took up with a good woman and a career as a TV cameraman. The job lasted 40 years, the woman, his wife Ilze, is still going strong after 45 years. They have a son Ekan. He’s a good man. Michael has been telling stories at Ex Fabula for 4 years. He enjoys telling and so do his family and friends, who are grateful because they are sick of hearing it by themselves.