“Our Little Secret”: Meet the Storytellers, Part 2

Here it is, our last secret! (For now.) As many of you know, this Saturday, January 28th, Ex Fabula travels to Alverno’s Pitman Theatre for the New Year Spectacular with the theme “Our Little Secret.” Unlike our monthly Slams, this special event features 10-minute curated stories and is an afternoon (yep, a 3 pm show) not to be missed.

We’ve built the anticipation as high as possible, so let’s meet the last three Spectacular Storytellers!

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My Community: Getting to know the ALL STARS

The word community is relative to one’s social ideals and practices. Often times we only scratch the surface of communities; not knowing that each individual, each entity has their own unique tale rife with elements that blindly connect each of us. Continue reading “My Community: Getting to know the ALL STARS”

Dance, words and sounds: Reckless Wonders recap

Dance is storytelling in motion. Words become movements set to telling melodies. Expressions of joy, despair are transformed into barrel jumps & arabesques.Continue reading “Dance, words and sounds: Reckless Wonders recap”

2 dancers

Dance, words & sounds: Reckless Wonders

An evening of creative daring? Yes, please! Wild Space Dance Company presents Reckless Wonders, featuring new work from Artistic Director Debra Loewen. Continue reading “Dance, words & sounds: Reckless Wonders”

On the stage, panelist Andre Lee Ellis stands to the left, talking into the microphone. The other panelists sit in chairs to the right.

Vel Phillips recap

The Wisconsin Public Television documentary, “Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams,” tells the story of a Wisconsin woman who fought for civil rights. While the documentary provides lessons from history, it also prompts the question: How do we win civil rights battles today?Continue reading “Vel Phillips recap”

Promotional photo for documentary with title and current picture of Vel Phillips

Establishing Our Future: Garnering from the Past

Have you seen “Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams,” a new documentary from Wisconsin Public Television? It tells the story of Vel Phillips, a Wisconsin civil rights activist and politician who made a difference in Milwaukee and beyond.

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Women’s Community Dialogue recap

Two women. Sharing greetings, hugs & tears, they exchange a story or two along with exclamations of joy. Across the room, new connections were being formed and community building began to take shape.Continue reading “Women’s Community Dialogue recap”

My Sister's Story Poster

Upcoming Events

Spring is here! No, really it is. Time to shake off those winter woes! Did you know that Ex Fabula stories can be heard all over the community? True story!

On Sunday March 29 from 12pm to 3pm, the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion and FROM HERE TO HER Artist Collective! present the Women’s Community Dialogue.Continue reading “Upcoming Events”