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Meet your Season 9 ALL STARS

We’re headed back to Turner Hall, Friday May 18th 2018 to present Season 9 ALL STARS. It’s our Season ender featuring this Season’s winners from previous StorySlams. This year’s ALL STARS will feature 7 amazing community members telling their true, personal stories.

Meet the tellers who will be competing for your vote and the title of Season 9 Ex Fabula ALL STAR

Continue reading “Meet your Season 9 ALL STARS”

Never Again: Spectacular Recap

On Thursday evening a packed house gathered at Turner Hall Ballroom for Ex Fabula’s Spectacular StorySlam. Continue reading “Never Again: Spectacular Recap”

Ex Fabula December Spectacular

Spectacular Storytellers

Holiday greetings Ex Fabulites! We hope the December rain isn’t stopping you from enjoying this fair city of ours. As we prepare for the Spectacular, we decided to ask the Spectacular Storytellers for their thoughts on great storytelling.Continue reading “Spectacular Storytellers”

Box Office.

ALL STARS 2015 recap

It’s that time of year again when Ex Fabula concludes another great season with an ALL STARS show! On Wednesday, May 14th Ex Fabula’s ALL STARS show at Turner Hall Ballroom featured the Audience Favorite storytellers from the past season. This time, they told new tales on the theme “Nitty Gritty.” Continue reading “ALL STARS 2015 recap”

My Story: Meet the rest of the ALL STARS

Our ALL STARS event is almost here! On Wednesday the 13th, the Audience Favorite storytellers will take the stage at Turner Hall Ballroom. Last week, we introduced three tellers and our special guest. Today, we are introducing three more tellers. To help you get to know them, we asked them the question,Continue reading “My Story: Meet the rest of the ALL STARS”

My Community: Getting to know the ALL STARS

The word community is relative to one’s social ideals and practices. Often times we only scratch the surface of communities; not knowing that each individual, each entity has their own unique tale rife with elements that blindly connect each of us. Continue reading “My Community: Getting to know the ALL STARS”

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I see stars….All Stars that is! Ex Fabula’s ALL STARS show at Turner Hall Ballroom featured season five’s crowned storytellers sharing various tales of Mother Lode proportions. Leah Delaney and Dasha Kelly joined forces once again as emcees for the evening, dishing random facts about the ALL STARS. Continue reading ““ALL STARS” Recap”

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Season 5 ALL STARS Announcement!

The curtain is coming down on another great season of true and personal stories, and we want you to be there to celebrate at our capstone ALL STARS event!

Start your Mother’s Day weekend off right. On Friday, May 9, the winners of our season 5 StorySlams will take to the stage at Turner Hall Ballroom for an encore on the theme of “Mother Load”. Continue reading “Season 5 ALL STARS Announcement!”

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Announcement: Ex Fabula Spectacular!

Story fans, we think you deserve a little breather from the craziness of holiday season. So give yourself the gift of 7 spectacular stories this month.

Join Ex Fabula at Turner Hall on Thursday, December 19th for the annual Ex Fabula Spectacular. For those of you who haven’t been to a Spectacular show before, it is a little different than our typical StorySlam format: all 7 storytellers for the Spectacular are pre-selected from among our favorite community and past Ex Fabula storytellers. Each of their stories on the theme of the night, “Bad Company”, will be 10 minutes long, and there will be no audience favorite voting as the Spectacular is a non-competitive showcase event. Continue reading “Announcement: Ex Fabula Spectacular!”

2013 All Stars

Ex Fabula ALL STARS Recap

by Michelle Joubert

Thanks to everyone who joined us at last month’s ALL STARS event! For those who couldn’t attend, here are the “Lost in Translation” stories you missed – and for more photos from the talented Art Montes, check out this album on our Facebook page! Continue reading “Ex Fabula ALL STARS Recap”