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Paula and Jonathan have known each other long enough to have a couple of kids, buy a house, care for a dog who now lives eternally in ashen form in a lovely flower flecked tin, and earn the dubious distinction of being the only married couple in Milwaukee to lead and then close two adored theatre companies (Milwaukee Shakespeare for the lady, Bialystock & Bloom for the bald guy). Paula convinced Jonathan to find a new apartment when they hooked up so she didn’t need to live in the pad where Jonathan roomed with his old girlfriend, so she dragged him to Bay View over 10 years ago. Jonathan, who has proudly listed Neighbor of The Night at Chill on the Hill on his business resume, would now have to be dragged kicking and screaming from Milwaukee’s hippest of hipster neighborhoods. Paula would undoubtedly be able to drag him as an Ironman finisher and one half of the dynamic fitness duo known as Starting Line Athletics. Telling a story at Ex Fabula reminded Jonathan and Paula that it’s still easy to complete each other’s sentences even after all those years of blissful matrimonial stuff and whatnot.

Tickets for the Storytelling Spectacular are available at the Pabst Theater Box Office.