What Could Go Wrong Recap

On October 17 we welcomed the Ex Fabula crew back for Season 9’s opening StorySlam: What Could Go Wrong? Before the stories got underway at Hot Water Wherehouse, two groups participated in the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s On The Table discussions. Participants shared their personal stories and discussed questions like “what do you love about your neighborhood,” and “what was the story about race that you grew up with?” After strengthening community bonds in our small groups, we rejoined the audience for the beginning of the StorySlam.Continue reading “What Could Go Wrong Recap”

Recap: It’s Complicated

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, male or female, there’s no better phrase than “it’s complicated” to describe the mixed emotions Americans have felt over the last couple of weeks. And while many emotions come into play – surprise,  frustration, and more – November’s “It’s Complicated” StorySlam reminded us that complications are part of our lives, for better and for worse.

Continue reading “Recap: It’s Complicated”

American Dream/Sueño Americano

Hola! ¿Te gustaría escuchar historias personales? On Thursday locals poured into Hot Water Wherehouse for a what was sure to be a very unique evening. Continue reading “American Dream/Sueño Americano”


What does it mean to belong? On Wednesday night locals gathered at Hot Water Wherehouse to hear true, personal tales on the subject of Belonging. Continue reading “Belonging:Recap”

UltraShorts and January Events

Happy New Year! We hope it was safe and festive! A new year indicates fresh beginnings & experiences. A time of renewal and appreciation for life’s offerings.Continue reading “UltraShorts and January Events”

Do the Math recap

On Thursday night Hot Water Wherehouse was packed with locals ready to share and listen to true, personal tales about the various probabilities, equations, and pop quizzes of life. Continue reading “Do the Math recap”

My Sister's Story Poster

Upcoming Events

Spring is here! No, really it is. Time to shake off those winter woes! Did you know that Ex Fabula stories can be heard all over the community? True story!

On Sunday March 29 from 12pm to 3pm, the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion and FROM HERE TO HER Artist Collective! present the Women’s Community Dialogue.Continue reading “Upcoming Events”

Teju the Storyteller

“Fool Proof” Recap

A fool’s paradise? Last week, Ex Fabula returned to Hot Water Wherehouse for our final storyslam of Season 5 on the theme of “Fool Proof”. Megan McGee served as emcee for this evening full of hilarious and heartwarming tales and shared some memorable audience UltraShorts in between story tellers.

Missed out? Want to relive the best night of your week? Here’s the scoop. Continue reading ““Fool Proof” Recap”

Ex Fabula logo

“Fool Proof” Announcement

This season flew by faster than 5 minutes on stage at an Ex Fabula event. It seems like just yesterday we were kicking off the season at our first-ever fundraiser and now here we are, announcing our final regular StorySlam of Season 5! Continue reading ““Fool Proof” Announcement”

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“Off the Hook” Recap

Ex Fabula returned to Hot Water Wherehouse this month for a story slam that was “Off the Hook’. The lovely Dasha Kelly served as emcee for the evening, welcoming a few first timers to what clearly became the male story hour. Continue reading ““Off the Hook” Recap”